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How to Choose, Register or Transfer a Domain Name

As in the normal business, we have a board giving out name of our business, similarly, we have the name of our web site to describe our commercial activities. Hence it is very crucial to select a name, which suits our business and is available also. We will try to give out some suggestions here for doing this exercise.

How to choose a domain name

If your business is such that it requires most of search engine optimization, then key words help. Same can be incorporated in the domain name itself, as most search engines go by the key words only.

If a dotcom name is not available as per your choice, make it a bit longer to keep the key word intact and have the availability. The use of hyphens can also do the trick here.

The Domain names, which are short, are easy to remember, however these are not usually available. Hence, seek other TLD names or .info etc Moreover there may be resellers for the names, which you want as your domain name. Talking to and negotiating with them may prove fruitful.

How to register a domain name

Any company that sells domain names must be registered and accredited with iCann - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This can be done by a number of companies offering such services along with other perks or benefits also. For a current list of companies that are accredited as registrars by iCann, visit Internic (

It is always advisable to register the domain name in our own name only instead of a web hosting company who may offer such services. This helps in case the name is to be transferred at a later stage.

The names once registered are to be renewed every year to avoid such web sites from getting vanished, all of a sudden. We can make sure that we get such reminders for expiry and due renewals, when signing up for the new name, initially.

When asked about DNS server (domain name system) or Name Server information, our Primary Name Server and Secondary Name Server information – has to be given. WE can ask this information from our future Web Hosting service.

How to transfer a domain name

Domain names are for identifying individual computer addresses as otherwise these addresses are in a string of numbers, which are difficult to remember. Hence, the need for Domain Name Services has been felt.

If we are transferring our domain name to another web host, then it is important that we download all files to our computer from the old host. Sometimes files may be stored with the host and not on our computer.

After opening a a new hosting account,. we have to change the DNS (domain name system) or Name Server information on the current domain name to the new hosting company name servers. This information can be found by going to the domain name registrar The new domain will take some time (24-72 hours) to propagate over the Internet, before it appears on the new hosting company servers.

These are only a few tips, other suggestions can be checked from our future editorials.

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