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Few Tips to Make Your Website Noticeable

There are several billions and trillion business organizations all over the world. Among the same, there are so many which, have similar type of business activities. With the internet and its related technologies, every one is trying to push the business over the net. Hence, internet has many web sites to do business on line.

If we scan the search engines for a particular type of product or service, we will find huge number of organizations offering the same. Therefore it becomes very much necessary to have a website which is attracts the viewer and increases the curiosity to visit repeatedly.

Therefore, some tips are given below that can help to make your website noticeable:

Professionalism helps

We must be creative while designing our website. Hence, ensure that your site is informative, appealing and well designed. Use special effects and tools as well as other software help, but limit yourself while using Flash. It can be an instant eye catcher but it makes the site heavier and slower to load, which might irritate your visitor, who may never come again.

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to get a website is to put it on the top of search engines. Hence, search engine optimization tools should be used which can make your website noticeable:

Your visitors will come through search engines. Search engines are the online registration site that provides your visitors your address and other information. Search engines like spiders pick words and information from your website indexing it in its database. Millions of visitors all over the globe everyday search this database. Hence, always try to put your site name and description on the top page of most of the search engines.

Build mutual links

Interact with other websites having business activities, similar to yours. Post your small info on their site with a link to your site; you can do the same at your site for them. This is a smart give and take process where you virtually pave way for finding your visitors while they are viewing other website and same holds true for that web site getting visitors via your website.


To get noticed you have to announce in various print media about your presence on the internet. This should involve print advertisements, Television Commercials and online advertisements also. Write press releases and organize press meets to announce your product and latest services, this gives you an offline presence. People will visit your site when they will relate to you and this relation building can be done through media. Google has come up with new schemes like “Adsense” etc. which also helps to make your site noticeable.

Know your visitors

Be interactive with your visitors. Create message boards and forums in your website where your visitors can interact freely. Have chat rooms and other online chat services where your visitors can directly chat with you, while you answer their queries.. Send newsletter and feedback forms, this helps in getting the visitor to view your site repeatedly.

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