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Glossary For Domain Name Registration

While registering the domain names, the availability is the most important factor for any particular name. Hence, the main domain registry has certain sub domains, which are called top-level domains (TLD) We will try to give below some top names under TLD along with their definitions. These are used in the domain registration industry keeping in view the individual business segment of the domain name requested.

  • .com: This is the short for .commercial. Domain names with the .com extension are the most popular and can be bought by any business or individual in any country throughout the world.
  • .info: .info domains are available to any one who is putting any sort of information on the internet.
  • .net: is short for .network. This domain extension was initially designed to be given to technical web sites. However, this extension can be registered by anyone, now..
  • .org: This is for organization. Originally for such organizations that did not fit under the .com or .net extension. However any individual or business may now register a .org domain name
  • .biz: This is for business only Hence,. Domains using the .biz extension should be used for business or commercial use.
  • .pro: The .pro suffix has been created for certified professionals including accountants. Lawyers, and doctors, architects etc.
  • .coop: This is for to cooperatives, cooperative societies and other such service organizations and their wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • .museum: This TLD is for museums organizations and individual members of the museum profession.
  • Administrative Contact: When registering a domain name, the details of a person must be provided to the registrar, while completing the registration form. Such contact can be any individual who is responsible for acting as the primary contact. That person does not necessarily need to be a technical hand
  • Billing Contact: The billing contact should be provided to the registrar when completing the registration form. The billing contact is responsible for receiving the bills and paying the registrar any fees.
  • Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD): Each country has a unique domain extension, which in most cases is a two-letter abbreviation for the country. like in,ca etc. IANA is the organization responsible for overseeing the ccTLDs.

Domain Name: A domain name is the identity of our business on the net. Every one surfing the net will know our business through this name only. Domain. names once got become the property of the owner in total. Domain Names always have two or more parts, separated by dots. The part on the left is the most specific, and the part on the right is general only. A domain name can be your address on the net. The Internet uses Internet Protocol (IP) numbers to locate other computers. Internet users would certainly have a hard time remembering these long strings of numbers to find sites. Therefore, Domain names were developed to allow users to have (IP) addresses with names or phrases,. that can be remembered easily.

While there are other items on the glossary list, we have provided details of a few here.

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