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How to Evaluate a Web Host

Deciding for a web host is a matter of much importance. You must pay due considerations to this aspect for setting an online business.

You must be aware of the fact that after you commit with one host it is very difficult to move your business elsewhere as your business can confront a great damage in all this conversion.

So here we are to guide you in evaluating a web host. Following are the factors mentioned which help you to evaluate the right host for your website:

1. The speed and the reliability of the servers and the hardware.

2. The features offered by the web host.

3. The quality of support they offer.

4. And of course! Rates for the web hosting.

Let us consider each of the factors in detail:

The Speed and Reliability of the servers and hardware:

  • The speed and reliability of the host server is dependent on many factors which include the quality of their connection to the internet, bandwidth, storage space and the back-up system in case anything goes wrong. Some of the factors you need to check for are listed below;
  • A T3 connection, close to a primary internet backbone.
  • Effective Bandwidth management.
  • Backup Systems.
  • Under this system you need to inquire if your host can provide following.
  • Regular daily backup
  • Backup power supplies
  • Redundancy
  • Uptime Guarantee

Offered Feature:

A lot of features are required for the efficient working of your business website. Here is the list for the features you need to check if they are available with your web Host:

  • Shared or Dedicated server.
  • Compatibility with existing software and skills.
  • Flexibility and room for growth.
  • You, as the service buyer need to thoroughly check these features and decide for the one who offers the best and flexible features.

Support and Service:

  • Once you have find the web host with the best offers for the reliability of servers and hardware and also the features offered by the web host you need to check the quality of the support and services offered by the web host.
  • Inquire about them being reliable in providing support not only from the service provider but also some of their existing customers.
  • Here, we are providing you with the checklist you need to check before deciding in the favor of any of the web hosts.


  1. Quality of the sites from the existing customers.
  2. Opinion of the existing customers.
  3. Support and responsiveness
  4. As soon as you have gathered all the knowledge regarding reliability, features, service and support you are ready to decide in favor of the best suited Web Host.


Are you not missing something? Yes! Rates. Go for the best suited rate but don't compromise on aforementioned points. Make sure you don't pay for the services you are not going to implement in your site.

Stick to the best of all and get best from the Web Hosts.

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