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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is one which provides you with un-shared and personal hardware to support your website, Dedicated Server. The dedicated server provides with a number of the features to its users.

Dedicated server being the piece of the hardware that the user's hosting provider rents. It has its own processor, hard drive(s), and RAM and bandwidth capability. The website of the buyer and the associated software are hosted exclusively on this server. This sort of server allows its users to install and run as many programs as desired.

The feature of the dedicated server to allow other users who are provided with access to the server to access and run the same program as the owner. This feature has helped this kind of server earn acknowledgment among the internet gamers.

There are certain other features which are present with this kind of servers as compared to the shared or virtual servers, which make them, dedicated servers, expensive.

  • Most dedicated servers hosting plan allow the user to fully customize own dedicated server. Which means the user has only to pay for those features which he require not the rest. The users have the choice for Operating Systems Software. The feature which is part of the dedicated server customization is the choice of control panel, where Plesk and cPanel being the most popular choices.
  • Dedicated servers are more reliable than any other sort, as the site has no risk of slowing down because of the other site's traffic and like. It is also efficient and reliable for it does not confront the fear of being uploaded with the viruses as in the shared servers from the sharing sites.
  • Security being another feature of the dedicated server. As no one else has access to the server other then the owner so there are no possibilities of viruses and spiteful software. Many of the dedicated servers have an additional feature for security being the external firewall.

Another feature for dedicated server is the unique IP address so the IP address of the user's domain directs to only the user's website.

Upgrades are some of the other features for the dedicated servers, which will enable in healthy growth of the user's website and also the budgetJ. At anytime during, dedicated server the user can upgrade with more bandwidth and RAM enabling the server to increase the rate of processing.

Additional Options:

Hard Drive Arrangements: if the user have opted and managed the server with two hard drives then he is able to arrange them in one way or the other being Raid 1 and Raid 2. Raid 1 or disk mirroring, allows the user to maintain the hard drives as the "main" and "Copy". The copy is the exact copy for the Primary or main hard drive. Raid 2 in which both are used individually and second drive after completion of the first start storing the data.

Both of these kinds of the hard drive arrangement made the dedicated server more reliable and efficient.

FTP Backup:

Some of the best dedicated servers provide with the FTP backup account of the user's account. The user can mirror or copy the vital content that is stored in the dedicated user's account.

User's Note: keeping in consideration these highlighted aspects opt for the server which suits your requirement. Always select and pay for those options which you are likely to use in your website.

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