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Linux vs Windows Hosting

If you are purely a businessmen without any IT background, choosing the application for your web hosting is something really irrelevant to your expertise and knowledge; here you need someone to guide you on the right path. There are two main competitors in the business which really influence the best web hosting decision; these are Linux and Windows systems. You can choose Windows hosting platform even if you run Linux on your system and vice versa. But it is good practice to have the same host as that of operating system. Both the hosts have many common features like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and other technologies. The encryption feature of both the hosts is same and you can encrypt your online communication with SSL which is compatible with email accounts and database.

You must also be aware of the differences between the two. It is better to run Windows hosts for your websites for the Microsoft branded technologies like ASP, FrontPage, MSSQL or other applications. It can be difficult and costly to try operating servers’ scripts and programs for different platform. You can run some technologies that can be supported by both the hosts like PHP, POP3 and MySQL.

Linux is more stable than Windows hosts. Windows can cause some problems of blue screen of death which can be very annoying. This problem was in the earlier editions of Windows. This problem was kept in mind in later editions of Windows like XP and 2000. Stability was the main focus in these editions.

Linux hosting and servers are more performance efficient. The applications of Linux run much faster as compared to the Windows servers. The implementation of Linux is simple and flexible while you can add variety of features in the Windows.

Open source nature is another great feature of Linux hosting. You can use many Linux components without paying any costs and it offers a cheaper hosting service. There can be some bugs in both the servers. But Linux is good to fix these bugs quickly as compared to Windows. Windows take a longer time to fix these bugs as it has to be analyzed by Microsoft bureaucracy. Security is the most important feature whatever server you like. Linux is famous for the security. Although Windows also provides maximum security but still not that much as it is case of Linux.

Linux has become first option due to cheap hosting as well. It provides cost effective hosting services with reliability and security. With all these things in your mind, now your choice of platform depends on needs of your site. You will surely select the web host which is most suited to your goals. But whatever host you choose, it must provide exceptional services.

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