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Choosing the Domain Name

Among the questions, which keep ringing in your head while you set up an online business in Choosing the Domain Name? Before deciding for such an important part of your sit some of the points which must be kept in consideration are mentioned under this note.

Extension Rules:

.com is the top extension for any kind of the web site. If however, you don't find any of the .com version which suits the desired domain name then you can opt for the other Top-level-domains (TLDs) like .net or .org.

Simple and easier

Keep your domain name as simple as you can for the simple domain name is more likely to be memorized and paid visits. The limit for the domain name characters is 63 but the shorter the domain name is more acknowledged.

Keep the name easier to spell, remember and recognize.

To keep the names more attractive and unique to be remembered, keep the domain name as your company name; if the company name is too long to be remembered try word which can describe it easily.

Insert abbreviations

Still if you do not find it satisfactory or unique you can try being creative meaning you can insert some abbreviations and initials.

The point to be kept in mind is asking or consulting someone, who knows your girl friend, may come up with the best domain name for your company.

More comes with variety

You don't need to stick to a single name for your domain; you can select multiple names for your site as domain names.

A number of the Web Hosts support "Domain Pointers". These domain pointers are capable for directing traffic from "Multiple Domain Names" for a single site. If your Web Host can make available for you this option for the multiple domains and a pointer, then it is surely helpful for you.

But before you go for "Multiple domains and a Pointer" you must keep this point in your mind: if you have spread your online presence too thin across many different URLs, your site is at the risk of diluting. It means that a user may type something, which relates to your site, and ends up in a total different sit, may get confused and leave. You must make sure to manage your user's expectations and reinforce your rand throughout all parts of your site(s).

Another point demanding consideration is to handle redirects with search engine approved techniques. Search engine can penalize you for maintaining multiple domains, unless done properly.

It is getting really hard to find good domain names, especially because so many speculators have registered themselves for large number of domains in the hopes of reselling them later but using the creative aspects of your mind, you can come up with the domain name which is up to the requirements.

Finally, the domain name is the first thing customers will confront when they are looking for your sort of business. So try to keep all the above mentioned points in mind before you register for your domain name.

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