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Domain Naming For Prosperity

For getting the highest traffic to our web sites, we may think of putting rich key words in the domain name, which may not have any relevance to the site itself. For example if one puts a name like, the SEs will send hits to the site with the visitor hoping to get information on Google products etc. therein. However, the web site may be selling eggs which has nothing to do with Google.

Such key word phrases may be short-term measures but it will not take your business anywhere. Instead, a brand has to be established by your successful business techniques so that your business becomes a brand of its own category. For example when we talk of search engines, there are many around on the internet but we immediately think of yahoo or Google only. This is the result of their brand establishment.

WE have SE indexing algorithms, which keep on changing every day .So a key word relevant yesterday, in this context, may not be so today. Similarly popular tags like etc may not help for long.

Therefore naming of the domain has to be done with a practical approach and logical mind. Here are some suggestions to do so:

As the indexing preferences change overnight, we need not to cheat our business by naming it on false key words. instead our domain name should be such as to describe our own business in a very brief yet expressive manner. HTML tags may change, SE preferences may change; but our domain name cannot be changed, in fact it was difficult to get this name in the first place itself.

Use of short words or abbreviations instead of long descriptive text is better than giving hyphens or other such characters in your domain name. The name should be such that can be remembered easily. Using search tools for getting help to find these names is always beneficial in the end. So go for vocabulary dictionaries or Webmasters Dictionary to get this help.

Domain name of your web site is similar to the big board displaying your business name on the top of your building. People may pass through, but many will glance over and go. However, some will get attracted to the name and get in. Same way your domain name should be eye catching, yet curiosity spinner, so that people visit the site and look for more and more. If you give out everything on the domain text itself, the curiosity may be over, resulting in fewer visitors who may come in.

As we all know the domain text should be such that it does not offend anyone or it does not violate the law of the land

There may cheats around with all fake names and fraudulent intentions over the internet. However, the fact is that real business is growing many folds on the net itself. So name your domain which can showcase your business as a brand to the world, years later.

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