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What to Consider About Shared Hosts

Words depict true meaning though they are used in technical subjects. Sharing has one message everywhere and that is to let someone else partner your freedom. There may be many good reasons which force you to share. So, sharing is part of life. Let’s see what sharing means in web hosting you can have free and paid hosting at the same time.

You can have variety of servers like shared, dedicated and VPS etc. The user avails the space from the server to share with the sites of other customers. All the websites have the same software and operating systems. Shared hosting has more advantages as compared to the free hosting.

Free Shared Hosting

There is free shared hosting available for the people who don’t want to pay for web hosting. The users have all the features in this hosting to boost their website. The drawback of this free shared hosting is that you can not avail excellent features of shared hosting. A limited space and bandwidth is provided to the site. There is no guarantee of PHP and MySQL support in free shred hosting.

Paid Shared Hosting

Users enjoy all the essential feature of shared hosting in paid form. The site will have email, PHP and MySQL support. Although you have to pay but still the rates of the shared hosting are not much expensive and due to this feature it is quite popular.

If you are a beginner then shared hosting is an ideal platform for you. It provides reliable services to people who don’t have technical skills. You must consider the basic and essential features of shared web hosting. Low cost, good server administration, email account, PHP and MySQL support are some of the good features that go in the favor of shared hosting.

Cost Effective

Keeping in view that many websites have the same server, the rates of the shared web hosting are very economical. Therefore it is considered as cost efficient. The competition of the web hosting companies also brought the budget very low. You can get very good space and bandwidth at a very little cost.


Shared hosts are more feasible and they are operated, monitored and backed by expert IT professionals all the time. The maintenance level of the shared hosting is very good and effective.


You are provided by the utility options by the hosting companies although your resources are shared. You can upload your files, modify your web pages, and check the statistics at any time with your convenience.


Shared hosting is more efficient and you can add the resources in your web contents to make it more efficient. The efficiency is also measured by the bandwidth and space and it is good in the case of shared hosting.

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