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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Here you will find few most frequently asked questions regarding SEO and how it works.. Search engine optimization can be a key to success for many websites but it is often a very ambiguous term. Many of you must have numerous questions about SEO. Hence, this article should help.

Why search engines ban websites. If a website is banned, then how to rectify it, to get the ban lifted?

Search engines can ban websites. This means, the site will not be visible in search pages. However, this cannot happen over night. Search engines ban websites only when they find something abusive done by the websites. Banning a total website requires serious action from webmasters. Sometimes the banning is for a few month or weeks.

If the site has been banned, then contact the search engine and ask them the reason for banning. Once you figure out the reasons simply correct them. Your site will be again visible after a few days or weeks.

Can SEO writing alone decide page ranking?

Nothing in SEO can increase page ranking. SEO is an on going process, which demands change intermittently. Moreover, your content should be related to your SEO, for utilizing it as a worthy Internet marketing campaign. Your Meta tags and key tags are the factors on which your ranking depends. Therefore, stress on the text content and not on excess use of tools like Flash etc.

Will site tracking, measuring and analysis help in achieving better ranking?

By tracking your site, you can analyze; how your user navigates in your website, what all pages your user visits and how long it stays at your website. Therefore, all of the above exercises can help you to get visibility. Effective search engine marketing requires result tracking.

How important are usage of key words, after tracking search habits of users?

There is not any harm in being confident but do not put your business at stake for overconfidence. You might know the words your user will type in search pages but this cannot be similar all the time. If you will have keywords and key phrases in your website, you increase your popularity chance. However, no one knows the mass habits as they vary. Therefore, it is better not to be overconfident and play with key words

Once the top position is attained in search engine, do we still need search engine optimization

SEO involves constant updating and even if you successfully achieved good ranking you need to work on SEO, as the methods of listing keep on changing with every search engine. Even if you are a leader in a particular field, you will not get good search ranking unless you have optimized your website.

How long it takes to appear in any search engine?

Search engine appearance has two different forms, one is indexing and other is listing. Indexing is when the search engine, adds the website in its database. This needs minimum three weeks, and may take longer time. The results you see for your search word is called site list. Listing depends on how well you work on your search engine optimization. This requires your innovation, creativity and perseverance. No SEO firm can guarantee the listing as it is an ever changing process.

Should content be rewritten, to achieve good ranking?

You may need to modify the 'about us' page as it helps a lot in page ranking. Otherwise, all the pages need not to be rewritten. A few changes here and there help. Add some new key words and that may do the trick. However, while rewriting your whole content, keep the key words in tact and add a few more, if possible.

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